Letting ourselves be seen… Brene Brown on “The Power of Vulnerability!

At the end of 2010, a researcher named Brené Brown gave a talk at her local TEDx event in Houston on the power of vulnerability. This talk came after a 10-year research journey on the subject of connection. She claims that connection is why we are here, that it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

She found that being able to be vulnerable is the only way we can make connections with others and this discovery has led her to write books and to give talks. Here, she addresses what it means to be truly vulnerable as well as what led her to understand why being vulnerable is so important and why we so often resist it!

Her talk is at once funny and fascinating!

How and why do we so often numb vulnerability?


Some of the pearls of wisdom I glance from it are… the importance of leaning into the discomfort – the importance of believing that we are enough – that when we numb uncomfortable feelings, we also numb joy and happiness – that our actions have a huge impact on others. And maybe the most important one… that our job as parents is to tell our children that they are imperfect and wired for struggle but worthy of love and belonging!

The video has become a web-video phenomenon — viewed and shared by millions of people, it moved them, inspired them and helped them make a change in their own lives.

I would be honored if you shared your own experience with vulnerability and how it has impacted your life in the comment section of this page!


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