Accepting what is!

Thank you Rosette Poletti for this beautiful and inspiring text, in complete harmony with the philosophy of I quit complaining!

To accept what is is to be lucid, to wake up, to become conscious, and to consider reality as it is. It is to disengage ourselves from our mental programming, our erroneous beliefs, our blinders.

Accepting what is!

Accepting what is is seeking how to deal with a situation, how to improve it and make it positive whenever possible. It is ceasing to ask, “Why? Why me? “. On the contrary, it is trying to find out ” what for? – To do what? ”

To accept what is, is sometimes to have no choice but to mourn what was, what could have been, what should have been, to live as fully as possible the reality of The moment and try to give it meaning.

To accept what is is to choose to renounce revolt, guilt, resentment, hatred and indifference. In other words, it means living upright, in all our human dignity.

Accepting what is, is the indispensable prelude to all personal growth, all search for a solution, all inner peace.

I would be honored to read what “accepting what is” means to you and how you apply it to your daily life. You can leave your comments on this page below!

Source : Rosette Poletti and Barbara Dobbs, Accepter ce qui est, 2005

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