A message from the heart from my dear friend (and talented photographer) Susan Carey. I could not resist the urge to share this with you (and with her permission) on this blog!

This morning I walked into my (fairly) clean kitchen and saw a container on the counter left over from my daughter’s dinner last night.

I’m used to dirty lunch containers, often smelly and crusty having been neglected in a backpack for a day or two, being left out for me to clean. It’s a common occurrence in our home and common frustration for me, so my first thought was “Great, here we go again, dirty smelly dishes for me to clean, I wish my kids would clean up after themselves!”.

I noticed the complaint in my mind and I recognized immediately that it didn’t feel good to have that thought and I could choose a different reaction. The thought wasn’t heavy, nor did it solidify into the energy of a complaint I could feel in my body. It merely wafted through me, up and out, like passing gas!

dirty food container


Instead, as I opened the container to clean it out, I felt a softening in my heart. I saw the remnants of the dinner I had made her the night before and packed up for her to take to her job. Both chicken legs had been devoured to the bone, every single thing I’d packed for her had been fully consumed, leaving only stems, bones and a dirty napkin. The napkin was filled with gravy from the chicken and I could imagine her wiping her mouth feeling sated and fed. My eyes welled with tears as I felt the honor it was to prepare the chicken that she loves so much, with fresh herbs from our garden and love from my heart. I felt grateful to have someone in my life who I love so deeply and who loves me and who I get to nourish with acts of kindness. As I washed out the container I felt blessed for the many gifts in my life that I often step over when I’m not paying attention.

This too was a gift.


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Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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