Taking Charge of Your Life NOW!

IQC start today

21 consecutive days without complaining… a life changing challenge, that you will probably never start because of all the excuses you’ll find.

To successfully complete this challenge, we have to stop postponing it and start right away. Part of you probably has a deep desire to integrate this transformation in your life. Yet, I bet that one part of you is tempted to put this off until tomorrow. Part of you wants to wait until you’re “ready”. There is always something to “take care of” before we start. Maybe you’re telling yourself:

I’ll quit complaining when”…

#I’ll have a job

#I’ll be less tired

#I’ll be done moving

#I’ll have a boyfriend/girlfriend

#I’ll have a new job and won’t have to endure my boss anymore

#I won’t have money problems

In a way, we all have a tendency to believe that our life will be better and happier later, when things will have changed… and then we’ll be able to quit complaining.

Ads and marketing campaigns flooding the media actually try to convince us of that. They are everywhere, in public transit, on the side of the road, on the television, the radio… They tell us how wonderful our life will be when… we will buy this amazing new product or will have access to this new service. This brand new car is the key to our happiness, we’ll finally be seen and recognized, this lipstick will boost our self-esteem, this supplement will allow us to feel energized and healthy…

And, in the end, we are constantly creating “conditions” for our happiness and serenity. We are waiting for everything to be perfect, and we end up postponing until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, to fully enjoy our life. And so on.

“I Quit Complaining” is a challenge that invites you to get out of this spiral that prevents you from fully enjoying every day of your life just the way it is, with its troubles, problems, frustrations… This spiral that pushes you to always want something different and to become an eternally unsatisfied being. Have you ever noticed how we often complain about how it’s too hot outside when two days ago we were complaining about the cold weather?

With this challenge, you can draw from your enormous ability (often ignored) to adapt without having to whine about wanting something different.

Are you ready NOW?

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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“Christine Lewicki is a Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach. She is committed  to help people quit complaining and become entrepreneurs of their lives. You can download your FREE ”I Quit Complaining Starter Kit”  on her blog www.iquitcomplaining.com

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