Is the Universe a friendly place?

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I personally found that putting celebration on the forefront of my life as I was releasing my complaints was perfect! I believe that, in life, if we want to get rid of one habit we have to replace it with another one that works better for us. Our conscious mind doesn’t like emptiness, and if we just try to get rid of the complaints, it will do everything in its power to fill the void. That being said, why not replace our complaints with thank you’s?!

To help us get into the habit of turning on our celebration radar, I chose to create a family ritual. Every night, around the dinner table, we take some time to celebrate the good things that happened during the day. We have developed such a talent at complaining every time things or people are not meeting our expectations that we don’t even stop to acknowledge it (or them) when they do. This celebration routine is a discipline to create space for gratitude.

Kids want to celebrate recess, and the joy of having good friends to rely on, while us, the parents, want to celebrate a productive appointment or the joy of making progress in a project, the joke a colleague told us, the new contract we signed or the satisfaction of contributing with our work.

It’s a ritual we have established for a few months now, even if everyone is not forced to participate (it can seem strange to celebrate, especially at first!). Finally, I noticed that now everybody takes some pleasure in it, even my husband. Our youngest one, at 4 years old, loves this ritual and, if we happen to forget it, she certainly reminds us by saying : “Mommy, mommy, I have something to celebrate!”

To quit complaining and to start celebrating is to choose to believe that life is beautiful and is there for us ( and not against us).  Einstein said one day , that the most important question to ask ourselves was: “Is the Universe a friendly place?” Yes, life is full of problems, atrocities and wars, and often times the media turns on our radar and shows us life’s dangers and horrors. Yet, the wise of all times (Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa…) share messages of hope, peace and beauty. If I had to choose between the media and the wise, I would choose the wise because their message focuses on the good things and invite me to not go against life, but to embrace it. They invite me to not judge the past that I cannot change, but to do my best to contribute to the future. They give me hope, and I want to believe them. I think that their message vehicles peace, forgiveness and goodness.

I heard that optimists are not utopians. They are the one who will change the world because they think it’s possible and I really like this idea. We have the cultivate our perception of the world and see all it’s possibilities and goodness so that we can feel inspired to be entrepreneurs of our life.

So, with this challenge, I would like to invite you to talk, discuss and share everything you have to celebrate since you got up this morning. This challenge is not about “adding” positive thoughts in your conversations, but rather to fill the void left by eliminating your complaints by celebrating.

  • Fill the void: eliminate your complaints, now replace them with thank you’s!
  • Replace conversations filled with complaints with conversations about all the things that make life beautiful, your hopes, your projects,  your possibilities, your desire to enjoy it all.
  • Take the time to tell others (family members, colleagues, friends…) what you appreciate about them.
  • Establish the celebration ritual within your household.
  • At work, start your meetings by taking 5 to 10 minutes to talk about what works, take the time to thank the participants for being there, highlight the contribution of everyone on current projects…you will all be more motivated to move forward or make some progress on projects needing all your attention.

Does this speak to you? Please share here!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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