The 4 phases of the “I Quit Complaining Challenge”

IQC phases

I’d like to share with you a lesson I learned and experienced myself when I was doing my own 21 day challenge in the spring of 2010 (I was posting a video everyday on the blog  throughout the challenge)

I hope that this will help those who want to start the challenge “21 consecutive days without complaining” and those who have already started.

As I was doing the challenge, I EXPERIENCED 4 different phases. Each person will go at his or her rhythm. Some will stay longer in the different phases of the challenge.

 The first phase is the phase of euphoria and hope.  The phase in which we tell ourselves “what if I quit complaining?” This is the phase where “we don’t know that we don’t know.” We are not yet aware how much we complain and how we don’t know how to act differently.

The second phase is the phase of becoming aware of the challenge. It is also the phase of the ” bracelet dance”. We complain, we complain, but now we are aware how much we complain and we are aware that we don’t know how to act differently. “We know that we don’t know.”

The third phase is the phase where we are able to spend a few hours, a few days without complaining. We are able to control ourselves, to stop our words before they come out of our mouth, take care of our needs without complaining, communicate our frustrations differently… we are conscious, very focused, and in control of ourselves. We start  to harvest the fruits. It’s the phase where “we know that we know”. We know that we know how to quit complaining.

The fourth phase is the last phase of the MASTER. The phase where “we don’t know that we know.” We forget about all the techniques and we start reacting naturally. We have TRANSFORMED our habit of complaining and to quit complaining is becoming second nature. This phase is reached when we are able to reach 21 consecutive days without complaining.

What phase are you in now?

You can still join the on-going Global 21 Day Challenge to Quit Complaining on the Facebook event and invite your friends to do it with you ! 21 days is not easy to do … we are talking about 21 consecutive days, it took me close to 4 months to achieve ! 


Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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