Stop Allowing Others to Rob you of Your Joy!


What if we stopped allowing others to rob us of our joy and serenity?  “Others” have the right the say “no” or say whatever they want for that matter ( as long as it’s not illegal) and we have the right not to take it personally and get offended.

When we allow what someone else says or does get on our nerves, we allow this person to control us.

What if we stopped putting our joy in someone else’s hands?

There will always be people who will not do what we like or will say things that we don’t appreciate.  We can blame them and make them wrong and guilty but when we do that we are positioning ourselves as victims as well. (there’s no guilty party, without a victim!)

On the other hand, we can make the firm decision that no matter what happens we will not be a victim, and no matter what others do or say we can enjoy living free and happy.

We can be determined to enjoy this beautiful day  (and this beautiful life ) which is given us to live !

What do you think?

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Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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