The Single Most Important Step You Can Take on Your Path for Personal Growth

Personal growth is getting a lot of momentum theses days. So many people I meet are committed to do their “work”. More and more people are hiring coaches or doing workshops and retreats to expand their awareness, rise their consciousness and create a more fulfilling life for themselves.

The more I think about the journey I embarked on when I decided to take my 21 challenge to quit complaining, the more I realize that this challenge is probably the single most important step you can take for yourself when you want to grow.

First Step

I have now led hundreds of people during my own seminars and workshop and each time someone feels like despite all their inner work they are not getting the results they want, we go back to this idea of quitting the complaining.

I see so many people who are thinking of themselves as ” positive” people.  They are outgoing and they usually do tend to see the glass half full instead of half empty when difficulties arise. I really connect with those people because I was exactly like them. I think that if I had seen the cover of my own book ” I Quit Complaining { and Bitching} in a bookstore I would have NOT bought it. It would have said ” I don’t need it, I don’t complain !”

This is because when we talk about this topic of complaining we easily think about the big complainers in our lives: the colleague who is always ranting about everything, a member of our family who seems to never be happy or satisfied with what is. They are irritating us and we don’t want to be around them. Most of you ( like me)  are not like that.

But does that mean that we don’t complain ? how do we react when our child spills milk on the floor ? how about when we are stuck in traffic or when we get to work and our long to do list is putting too much pressure on us ? Maybe we are nothing like the loud complainers that we have identified in our lives, but does that mean that we don’t complain ?

Why does it matter to quit complaining, you may ask ?

My understanding is that when we complain we are choosing to put ourselves in the victim seat of the situation. We are pointing fingers and usually  making someone else wrong for the frustrating situation.

Taking this 21 day challenge to quit complaining is the most important step on your path to freedom. When you start this challenge you get to wake-up in the morning and decide that no matter what happens ( and sh.t will happen, many people won’t do what you want them to do ) you won’t be a victim of anything or anyone. When I say that you won’t be a victim I am not only referring to the BIG situation of your life, I am also and precisely referring to all the small and insignificant frustrations of our every days lives. You decide that you won’t be a victim of the milk spilled on the floor, you won’t be a victim of traffic ( what will you do instead?), you won’t be a victim of your workload…

Being a victim is easy, taking responsibility for your day is another journey. When you make this firm decision that you won’t be the victim then anything and everything becomes possible. And that is THE most important step you can take if you want to grow.

Don’t you think ?

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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