Quitting Complaining and Switching My Radar.

Our brain is a great organ. It absorbs and handles a magnitude of information.

Yet, as you know, we aren’t really “conscious” of what our brain is doing or storing. As a matter of fact, it’s our attention that determines what we are conscious of. Our attention is very much like a radar that we can turn on or off. A radar that takes certain information and puts it on the forefront of our consciousness, like a magnifier that emphasizes certain things to allow us to see them better. What this radar emphasizes is what becomes our reality. We can choose to direct the magnifier on what makes our life “difficult”, what slows us down, blocks us, limits us, frustrates us, or we can choose to shed the light on what works for us, everything that’s beautiful and pleasant in our life


In addition, our conscience acts as a magnet. If our “nothing’s working” radar is on, our entire attention is focused on emphasizing our problems. This radar is very efficient and detail-oriented. And often times, when it’s on, we tend to attract even more misfortunes in our life (probably because we put ourselves in this state of mind). However, if our “well-being” radar is on, we will most likely attract more reasons to be happy.

The way we experience each moment of our day depends on our radar, our conscience. In the end, depending on our radar, we can have a good or terrible day.

Be, from now on, your best friend. When you are about to criticize, when you feel anger coming over you, think: “Would I like the effects of this thought to come back and manifest itself in my life?” Curb it immediately and replace it with its opposite.”

Marcelle Auclair, Book of Happiness, Seuil, 1959.

Love and Respect,



Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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