When It’s Not Worth Complaining !

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One day during my 21 days challenge to quit complaining

“Today I traveled with my three daughters. Only 62 miles, but it seemed like we were moving very far away. My daughters are going on vacation for 9 days with their grandparents tomorrow, and I will be staying at their apartment in Paris to work for a few days. This morning, I spent an hour and a half gathering all their things and packing up the suitcases. I found some dirty laundry…that I had to wash, I looked for lost socks, I gathered the blankies and I chose which outfits to bring…

Later that morning, I felt ready, with the suitcases almost closed. I only had a few more things to do. I was in control of the situation. Then, I went to relax with my family for a few hours. Later that day, around 4pm, I decided that it was time to get on the road if I wanted to have an easy drive to Paris.

In the end, it took me another hour and a half before I was finally able to start the car. And during all that time, I really had to let go so I wouldn’t start complaining. I was frustrated because packing the suitcases seemed really simple but was taking a lot longer than I thought. There was so much to do…

I had to get the computer and the charger (otherwise I’ll have a big problem!).

And also the clothes in the washing machine (which ended up in the dryer magically!).

I had to look for the socks that my daughter left somewhere in the house. But where?

Then I realized that the camera was left in the garden.

Can’t forget to clean up the kids’ room.

Then I had to look for the CD who, according to my panicked daughter, had been offered to her by her cousin specifically for car trips.

At the last minute, I found a wet bathing suit that was left in the grass.

…And all this with three kids who were starting to feel the change and thus had irritable nerves and started to be clingy.

Yes, I wanted to complain. Yes, I wanted to whine. I felt the pressure because I was behind on my planned schedule and it felt like I wasn’t controlling anything anymore.

Ironically, what saved me was to let go and to tell myself that no matter what happened, things would still work out perfectly.

#I thought we would leave within 45 minutes and that wasn’t going to be possible.

# I wanted to avoid weekend traffic and it wasn’t looking good.

# I felt alone with this responsibility to not forget anything, and I was overwhelmed.

# My kids, with all their demands and need for attention, weren’t making the situation any better.

Finally, I told myself:

# It’ll take more time and there’s nothing you can do about it;

# If you’re stuck in traffic (even though everyone told you not to leave after 5pm), it’s not so bad;

# Everything will work out and you’ll handle it just fine (we ended up telling funny stories, listening to music and playing some games during the trip);

# Put one foot in front of the other and do your best, it’s not worth complaining about;

# You can’t ruin such a beautiful day!”

How about you, do you sometimes get in situation where you realize it’s not worth complaining ? What if we stopped letting the frustration of our ordinary lives stealing our happiness ?

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2015

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