Celebrating the Holidays Aligned with Our Values

Decorating TreeThis is an article written by my sister, Florence Leroy Family relationship expert and co-author of the book we wrote together  ” I Quit  Complaining about my Kids {and Spouse}” , following my  French bestseller I Quit Complaining! that I wanted to share with you on this blog.

Celebrating the Holidays Aligned with Our Values

The holidays  are here  and as much as I rejoice about spending time with family and friends, I am also a bit worried about embarking on what resembles a tornado of preparation, meetings, meals and gifts. So in between traditions, customs, and what others expect, I invite you to take a minute to reflect and ask yourself: What would the perfect Christmas Holiday be like for me ?

What ingredients do I need to feel satisfied and happy?

Christmas is such a traditional holiday that we don’t always take the time to think about how we’d really like to celebrate it. The family habits and routine are in place: on December 24th we celebrate there and on December 25  we celebrate over there, champagne, turkey and butter Christmas log are on the  menu. Without forgetting the opulence of gifts to please everyone. It’s not easy to be the one going against the current. Yet, when we have kids the question of passing down values and traditions arises and we have the opportunity to question our ways to make sure they still work for us.

Sharing by inviting my children to contribute to this holiday: homemade gifts for the cousins, table decoration…

Family spirit  by being attentive to each person, by showing my children that even with our differences we can choose to get along together.

Solidarity  by choosing an action to do as a family to serve others: invite our neighbor spending the holidays alone, contributing some toys to an association helping families.

Simplicity by avoiding to fall in the commercial trap and by daring to give homemade gifts at times.

Without wanting to  completely revolutionize the customs of this family holiday which concerns every family member, you could perhaps this year honor one of the values that is dear to you.

Take the time to think about it and take the time to listen to everyone’s desires as well … this  would be a great start to be able to say: yes, it was a beautiful Christmas holiday!

Florence Leroy
Florence Leroy

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