No Complaining at Work: Myth or Reality? Part I

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No Complaining at Work: Myth or Reality? Part I

Let’s get real! We all have plenty ” good reasons” to complain at work!

Why? Well, first of all the main reason is that we find ourselves in a hierarchical relationship and we have to abide to a supervisor, rules and follow directions. It’s not really fun !

This affects our deep desire for freedom and our human nature rebels. We’d like to have more freedom to choose, to express ourselves. We are sick and tired of having to take orders and obey and often time we have a hard time making sense of what we are doing… so we end up complaining!

At work we are often under pressure. Of course there’s always too much to do in a day that is always too short, so in the end we get exhausted, we didn’t stop all day and we are never 100% caught up and it gets frustrating. We’d like to be able to control everything. We’d like everything to go according to plan but unfortunately it’s an unattainable illusion.

As soon as a mere grain of salt comes and compromise our plans we explode because we are already on the edge, tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel like we’re going against the current and that we’ll never make it… so we complain.

With our laptops and our cell phones, the thin line between work and private life is compromised and it goes too far sometimes… so we complain to reassure ourselves that we are alive and that we are not just a machine working at the service of the company.

Our performance and results are constantly being evaluated and it can be an uncomfortable situation to be constantly feeling judged. It’s as if our professional success determines our personal value… so we complain.

We feel overwhelmed so we have a tendency to accuse others who also have much to do and may feel like us. It’s like an infernal spiral and in the end our work place starts to resemble the wall of lamentations.

Have you noticed how we often complain about the complainers? Hearing others complain rubs off on us  and we complain even more. Do you know that complaining is like bad breath ? We notice it in others but hardly notice our own, ( the same for bad driving !) Yes, other people complain and that’s why I wanted to be the change in my own life and start the 21 day challenge.

What about you, yes you have plenty of reasons to complain, but could you envision a day  at work without complaining?

In the next article, we’ll explore in more details what really makes us complain at work? Don’t miss it!

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2014

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4 thoughts on “No Complaining at Work: Myth or Reality? Part I

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