I think I found the answer to my ever-growing TO DO list and the frustration that comes along with it when I think I am not checking off enough items at the end of the day!

Instead of complaining on what still needs to be done on my TO DO list, I am choosing to celebrate my “DONE  list” instead !

It’s a fact of life,  that we’ll  always have  too much to do in too little time. In between work, family, household  duties, grocery shopping, the unexpected, meetings, paperwork , volunteering, causes that we want to support etc…  It’s very  easy to become overwhelmed , discouraged and just plain exhausted at the thought that we’ll never make it and handle it all. Well I have good news for you!

In my French book ” J’Arrête de Râler!” ( I Stop Complaining!)  , I  had already mentioned  the importance of CELEBRATION ! We can choose to focus on the positive and celebrate the little things that we have already accomplished.

For several years already, I always  start my coaching sessions by asking my clients  to name a few things to celebrate about their day or the past week.Together, we celebrate something they have already accomplished no matter how small it is! It gives us something  to build on and we are able to focus on something that is going in the right direction as we lay the foundations to keep moving forward in their lives.

Last week,  I  discovered a little  app that seems really awesome  and that may be the answer to my never-ending “To Do” list!   It’s called : “iDoneThis”. Have you already heard of it and tried it?

This is how it works:

First you register with iDoneThis and then every evening  look forward to receiving an email of all your daily checked off accomplishments which are recorded in your very own calendar. How cool is that?

I think this can be very  helpful to me. When I feel like I am drowning in things to do, when I have the feeling that I am not moving ahead, that I am not going to make it… I can take a quick look  on my calendar and  remember that “Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch!”  or that I am paving my path or road one little pebble at a time…

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Celebrate!

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2012

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