The Little White Lies We Tell Ourselves…

How many times have we told ourselves these little white lies and done this  in our daily lives?

– When we exaggerate facts to be heard or receive some compassion. We say things like : “It’s killing me! “ “ It’s a real drama!” “ I never get any help! “   “ I always have to do it all myself!” “ I’ve asked you to do that 100 times! “

– We also have a tendency to find false reasoning for our imperfect actions and mediocre performance :“ Sorry I’m late, I was stuck in traffic”  When the truth is we are late because we left later than planned and attended to something at the last-minute. Being late was therefore avoidable.

We don’t really do it consciously, it’s more of a habit, a way of behaving that is more or less accepted by society. It’s not that bad, we tell ourselves.

The problem is that by exaggerating or by not having true and right words we extinguish our integrity little by little ( the same applies when we don’t honor our commitments).  We end up affecting the relationship we have with ourselves. By not having the right word we end up doubting our own worth and we start to believe the little voice in our heads telling us that  “We are not good enough or that something is wrong with us!” We end up limiting ourselves and our very own Life.

To stop complaining is also about finding the right words and regaining our integrity. Remember that integrity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it is a fact that we are more or less all imperfect.  Integrity only exists through our authentic quest to restore it.

Have a good week!

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2012

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