Living in the Glory of Our Imagination

After reading Robin S Sharma ‘s book in French “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”, I was greatly inspired “to live in the glory of my imagination and not in my memory and thoughts”. I find this image of the glory of our imagination fascinating and very beautiful.

Often times, I find my own mind polluted, so polluted that I can not access my imagination. I am stuck in my own thoughts ” This should not have happened!”, ” I could have done this differently”, “It’s so and so’s fault”, ” If only this… if only that…”

In those moments, I position myself as a victim, victimized by others, by what’s happening to me at the moment and I automatically go in “defense’ mode which leads to getting upset and complaining. Finally, it’s a normal reaction and defense mechanism because I feel attacked or overwhelmed, the warrior in me takes over.

However, by accomplishing my 21 Day Challenge without complaining my life has been transformed. I now have access to this wonderful inner talent that lies in me , in every one of us : my creativity and my imagination.

My spirit and mind are at peace and I no longer have the need to fight, because through my challenge, I have learned to let go. I learned that I have the power to change what doesn’t work. This new-found serenity has allowed me to rediscover and open my Pandora box of ideas and solutions. I feel profoundly inspired by my life and it feels good!

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2011

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