As I was laying in my bed…

Be the Change

[FLASHBACK] … As I was laying down in my bed one night a few years ago, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and completely drained, it came to my awareness that I just had a very bad day !

Yet, I also realized at the same time that this supposedly” bad day” was a REGULAR day of my life.
Nothing  out of the ordinary or really bad had happened that day. No accident, everyone was healthy, no financial crisis, good internet connection!!!

I was a regular of my life, of my “not always very sexy” life !

A few months before that night, I attended a 3 days business convention and the host invited us to embrace the challenge of not complaining for 3 days so we could all have a great time. This idea was based on the 21 days challenge presented in Edwene Gaines’s Book  “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”. I loved it and on the way back my friend told me that if one day I wanted to do the entire 21 days I could wear a bracelet to keep track of my days.

Back to the night in my bed …I was able to point out that what had drained and wasted my day was all my complaining. I remember telling myself: “wait a minute… I chose to have 3 kids, I chose to become an Entrepreneur, I chose to move to the US…. why am I acting like a victim?
I want to enjoy my kids while they are little. I DO NOT WANT to waste this precious time any longer. I want to BE present to what my day has to offer. Even if it’s just a normal day with carpool, clients meeting, skipped lunch and some procrastinating.”

So I asked myself : “What would my life look like if I could stop complaining ?  Would I be more happy ? Would I be able to lay in my bed at night feeling peaceful and satisfied ?

So I thought “ok, I am going to do this ! 21 consecutive days without complaining because I really deeply want to change this”.

Little did I know what I was getting into !

For the story, I have to share with you that the very next day I woke up and though to myself: ” was I drunk last night ? it is really NOT a good time to stop complaining…. I have way too much on my plate right now…. I don’t want to add yet another commitment ! Forget it !”

So finally 4 months later, thanks to Gandhi I made the decision to get started. What made me decide to take the big jump ? I decided that it was time that I change my own attitude after I heard myself complaining about the people who complain ! I remembered Ghandi and the famous ” Be the Change you want to see in this world” and I decided that there was no more turning back.

The next day I opened up a blog I Stop Complaining! aka  J’arrête de râler!  in French, my native language) and posted a video of me stating the beginning of my challenge and my desire to use the blog to keep track of my progress and share my challenges and my learning. I posted the videos on Facebook for my few friends to see and before I knew it , my blog became viral in France. This was a brand new subject for them and they loved the idea of doing a challenge.
With hundreds of visitors on my blog (many confessed that they were visiting to see me fail), I received calls for radio interviews and found articles in the National press ( including Psychologies magazine).

The rest of the story is beyond my expectations, the blog gave birth to a book and since it’s release a few years back, it has become a huge  Best Seller in France ( more than 100 000 copies sold)  with articles everywhere and TV appearances. This month the paperback version came out!

I am opening this blog in English because I am in the US. I live here and a lot of people around me are begging me to have this book translated. They’ve heard about all the other  stop  complaining challenges or gratitude challenge but they want to hear my  personal journey, they want me to share my story as a mom, as an entrepreneur, as a busy ambitious woman. How did I do it when I woke up in the morning with three kids to take and get ready for school?

I am currently looking for US publisher who would be interested in getting my book translated in English. But until then I wanted to get started with this blog.
Enjoy your reading and feel free to share your comments.

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2011

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