We Are Not Gods!

Let’s face it: we are not gods!

We will never be able to control others like puppets and expect our colleagues, friends, kids and even the other drivers on the highway to do and behave exactly as we’d like them to!

We cannot control the weather forecast, traffic, or the moods and behaviors of others but on the other hand, we can ALWAYS control the way we see, interpret or react to any situation. This is what makes us individuals and ultimately human beings.

Let’s become aware that the manner in which we experience and react to a crisis or a challenge in our life is only the outcome of our representation of our own making. Nothing is ever static and in fact our reality is only a reflection of what we choose to SEE. One way to help change our reality and transform our interpretation of circumstances is to stop complaining about it.

In fact, when you come to realize that your worst enemy could very well be your best friend, your life will never be the same. When you can change your representation of what they did to you and reconnect from a place of acceptance and a desire to understand their own point of view of the situation, then you can create some real communication and friendship. Let me warn you that in this specific case, you might also need to admit that you are part of the reason why the relationship turned bad. They is so much power in saying “I am sorry” and taking responsibilities.

Bottom line, your own interpretation of people and events contributes to your reality and there’s always another way…if only…

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2011

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