Why Do We Complain? ( part 1)

Pretty early on, when I started my 21 days challenge to quit complaining, I realized that one of the main reason I was complaining was because I needed help and support and I thought that by complaining I was going to have my needs met.

  • I was complaining in the morning while I was getting my 3 girls ready for school
  • I was complaining when I felt overwhelmed with all the driving and scheduling I had to do to juggle all my professional and personal obligations.
  • I was complaining every time I was entering my own home  because I could not bear all the mess and the chores that had to be done.
  • I was grunting, I was whining, I was even sometimes screaming at the bottom of the stairs ( and feeling very sad about it)….I was doing all of this instead of simply asking for help.

The truth is, at the time, I thought that by complaining I had asked for help but in reality all I had really accomplished was giving orders and acting like the Captain of the house.

I don’t know about you but when someone gives me orders all I want to do is hide and ignore the demands.

Now I know that I cannot force anyone to do anything !

I cannot even motivate them to do anything !

All I can do is try to inspire collaboration.

I went from complaining to expressing my needs clearly while allowing myself to remain VERY open to many different possibilities to have them met.

I went from being very attached to have my kids empty the dishwasher BEFORE dinner to realizing that this chore at this specific time was not really working for them. I now empty the dishwasher and they agreed to pack their own lunch box every night as well as wash and put away their own laundry ( they can do that when they want).

I really feel that by not complaining I was finally able to open the magic box of “creative  solution”. I went from giving orders to finding agreements, from forcing to inspiring.

And we all know ( me, my husband and my 3 daughters) that this is working for us and that we have to keep it going , because life in our home this way is GOOD and works for all!

Love and Respect,


Christine Lewicki

© 2011

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