My Little Problems

This morning I woke up and I while getting my kids ready for school I became frustrated with the fact that once again I could not find my youngest daughter’s shoes. We were running late and I could feel the frustration building up in me.

And then I remembered…

I remembered that while I was dealing with my little drama, my friend was dealing with her son’s health who just got diagnosed with Leukemia and my other friend was helping her mom transition to the other side.

All of a sudden my little drama shrunk to its real size and I dealt with it without complaining.

My heart goes to all of you who are dealing with real challenges in your life.

Do not let negative thinking take over. Ask people to leave it at the door and invite them to come in your home only with Hope and Love.

Have a fabulous day!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

© 2011

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